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7Mpa Hydraulic Micro Pump



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7Mpa Hydraulic Micro Pump integrated 120ml Tank and Relief Valve for 1/14 1/12 RC Huina Kabolite 320 330D 336 K970 Excavator


  • One pump is oil pump, oil pipe, fuel tank, pressure regulating valve, hydraulic gauge integrated into one hydraulic unit.
  • Saving a lot of space, compact structure, good performance, easy to install
  • Suitable for rc hydraulic excavator, dump truck, forklift model and etc.


  • Material:Aluminium Alloy
  • Machining accuracy: CNC
  • Size: 80mm*60mm*92mm
  • Voltage: 3s 11.1v lithium battery (need to prepare 60A brushless ESC)
  • Recommended working pressure: 3~7MPa
  • Tank volume: 120ml (please add at least 2/3 volume of hydraulic oil before use)

How to use:

Connect the oil outlet of the pump to the input port of the reversing valve, and connect the output port of the reversing valve to the oil return port of the pump


  • The recommended pressure is 3-7mpa. Do not run out of pressure for a long time! Otherwise, the oil pump seal ring can be damaged easily. (once hydraulic oil is found leaking from the motor shaft, please buy a new sealing ring to replace it.)
  • The pressure has been adjusted before delivery and the default is 5mpa. No more adjustment. Improper adjustment can lead to damage of the pressure adjusting screw seal. (once oil leakage is found in the pressure regulating bolt, please wrap the raw material with the thread again, and then screw in the pressure regulating bolt)
  • For first time use, the throttle output of the remote is set at 30%, and too high pressure will cause damage to your oil cylinder.

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7Mpa Hydraulic Micro Pump



In Stock

In Stock

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Secure Checkout With:
Estimated delivery on 3 - 24 May, 2024
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